Same Four Chords

Hello, world!

I’m leaving work at the end of this month to spend some time on the road (by which I mean the railway), starting in Budapest in September. I have no real idea when I’m going to be back from my travels. I’ll be sad to leave the Guardian, and even sadder to cease collaborating with the truly brilliant bunch of people who work there – more on this in a future post. But I have 100 reasons to go, and just one reason to stay.

I made this website as a place to host my future ramblings. My family – or more specifically, my mother – have always complained they could not understand the jargon they stalkinglyish (that’s a word, right?) found on neither my Twitter profile nor my other blog. Mum, the insignificant brain dump that awaits is all for you!

The name of this blog – Same Four Chords – derives from lyrics in a favourite song of mine:

Sometimes it feels like everything’s been done before,
The same ideas and the same four chords.
But we’re still leaving in the morning for to cross the sea,
Because not everything’s been done by me.

As the Crow Flies by Will Varley

I know what you’re thinking: Won’t he miss his dog? Won’t he miss his family? Stay tuned to find out which of these will be first to inevitably bring me home. I’m betting it’s the dog.