Same Four Chords

Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia

From Split we flew [back] to Zagreb and took the train to Lesce Bled, where we were greeted by our overwhelmingly friendly Airbnb host, Kristina, for our stay in Bled.

One of my many takeaways of this Europe trip so far is just how friendly Airbnb hosts tend to be. Kristina gifted us with free homemade liquor and some delicious homemade cake, as well as a free lift to the Vintgar Gorge. But most of all (and gifts aside), our hosts so far have just been very lovely people by personality.

Emerald River Adventure

Jaka from 3glav was our host for the “Emerald River Adventure.” We drove up some mountains in Triglav National Park to do did a bit of hiking and other good outdoorsy activities – not excluding jumping off a ~12-metre high bridge into the Soča river.